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Clients that require criminal defense or family law attorneys often find themselves in situations that can cost a lot of money. As your attorney, Hernan is committed to offering free consultations to anyone who needs legal guidance and representation in the greater Miami area.

Offering Free Consultations
Attorney Hernan Hernandez

Hernan Hernandez

Attorney at Law

Since the beginning of his legal career, Hernan Hernandez has been an advocate for those who have been charged with a diverse range of crimes. His first experiences with the law involved cases of assault, drug possession, DUI charges, and even homicide. He also has extensive experience working with a wide variety of family law cases, including divorce and child custody. As a skilled attorney in Miami, Hernan understands that working together is of the utmost importance and the legal decisions that are made can have a significant impact on the rest of your life. Don't face your legal issues alone. Contact the Law Office of Hernan Hernandez, PA, today to get the legal counsel and support you need.


Providing Reliable Legal Advice

Keep Your Head Up

No matter what legal issue you may be facing, the stress of your situation can quickly overwhelm you. It can be easy to think about giving up. Hernan has seen plenty of cases that seemed "helpless" in the beginning, but once the client sat down to discuss their options, their entire mindset promptly shifted. Give your case a chance by meeting with an attorney that can help with your unique situation.

Schedule a Consultation

Hernan offers free initial consultations because his top priority is for you to find an attorney that you feel comfortable working with. If you meet an attorney and realize that they might not be the right one, you shouldn't feel obligated to continue working with them just because you've already begun paying a bill. During your free consultation at his Miami, Florida office, you will have the opportunity to get to know each other better before he begins to outline a plan of action for your case.


Why Hernan Hernandez is the Right Attorney for You

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Seasoned Litigator

Because of his extensive exposure to cases that go to trial, his courtroom experience is the resource you need to increase your chances of achieving a favorable outcome.

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Attentive Listener

Hernan will provide you with his undivided attention because, in order to reach an appropriate solution for your case, he needs to know every detail of your unique situation.

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Aggressive Approach

Whether it's a stubborn prosecutor or a difficult soon-to-be ex-spouse, you need an attorney that will be persistent with your objectives so that your best interests remain a top priority.

Work With an Attorney with Grit and Compassion

When it comes to criminal defense attorneys, success is built on an aggressive strategy in court. With matters related to family law, you typically will seek an attorney who can be sensitive and compassionate. Since Attorney Hernan Hernandez practices both criminal law and family law, he possesses all of these traits and can use his experience to help you pursue a positive outcome.

His priority as a criminal defense attorney in the Miami, Florida, area is to make sure your voice is heard throughout the process — from the moment you've been charged to the resolution of your case. He understands that you may feel cornered because of your charge or accusation. Whether you've been charged with assault, a drug crime, a DUI, or homicide, he will work diligently to fight for your rights in the courtroom to pursue a favorable resolution to your case.

Just because an attorney is sensitive and compassionate, doesn't mean they can't also take a strong, aggressive approach against the opposition. Divorce and child custody cases usually involve a continuous back and forth between both spouses and the attorneys involved with the case. This constant negotiating takes incredible resolve, strategic thinking, and determination. Whether you're dividing your assets or coming up with a child custody plan, you'll need to be able to stand your ground, and attorney Hernan Hernandez can help with that.

Regardless of whether you come to him for family law, criminal defense, or civil litigation needs, the Law Office of Hernan Hernandez, PA, has the experience, resources, and determination that you need to make sure your rights are protected. So don't wait. Contact his office in Miami, FL today to schedule a free consultation.