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Criminal Defense Attorney in Miami, FL

Don't Walk Into Court Without Representation

Facing a criminal defense case on your own is dangerous. Without background knowledge of criminal defense, you can incriminate yourself or worsen your situation. The Law Office Of Hernan Hernandez, PA can provide you with a criminal defense attorney in Miami, Florida. Your lawyer will work with you to build a strong defense and present it in front of the judge. With the right attorney, you will have all the support and experience needed to push toward a positive verdict.

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From a DUI to Assault Charges, We'll Walk You Through Your Case

Criminal charges should always be taken seriously. A criminal defense attorney at the Law Office Of Hernan Hernandez will walk you through the legal process, from building your case to appearing in court. Our firm handles felony and misdemeanor cases involving:

  • Fraud

  • Drug crimes

  • Assault

  • Murder


Need an Attorney?

Because Hernan has a diverse background in criminal defense, many clients have relied on him for reducing their sentences or dropping them altogether. Hernan goes to court for his clients every day, oftentimes more than that, so he has the experience and skill that a good litigation attorney needs to pursue favorable results.

Experienced In and Out of Court

Schedule a meeting with a defense attorney at our firm in Miami, Florida by calling 305-774-5702 today. Attorney Hernan Hernandez has extensive experience working with clients that have been charged with a crime. Criminal charges can have long-lasting and serious effects on your professional, personal, and social life. Especially if you've been falsely accused of a crime, unnecessary prison time and hefty fines can be avoidable with the help of an aggressive criminal defense attorney.

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