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Child Custody

Protect Your Parental Rights

Put Your Trust in a Child Custody Attorney in Miami, FL

Getting a divorce can bring out your worst fears as a parent: who will get custody of your child? What will the visitation schedule be like? What if your ex-spouse moves to another state? Child custody law is complex, but a family law firm can help you navigate negotiations. Residents in Miami, FL turn to the Law Office Of Hernan Hernandez, PA for help with child custody agreements.

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Protect Your Child's Best Interests

How Does Child Custody Law Work in Miami, FL?

Child custody law in Miami, FL is built to protect the best interests of the child. When determining which parent will get custody, a judge will consider a number of different factors, including:

  • Any history of substance abuse, domestic violence or child abuse

  • The relationship between you and your child

  • If your child is old enough to state their own preference

  • The parents' relationships with the child's friends, teachers, and doctors

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